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and welcome to The Retail Tales. Here I talk about all things pertaining to the home. While working in the home department at Bloomingdales, I realized that there was so much to discover and share that I decided to blog about it. My goal is to make The Retail Tales your guide in helping you make your everyday beautiful.

My Story

Hi everyone, my name is Annette I am a home client specialist at Bloomingdales. Prior to working in the home department, home was merely a resting place I used to get ready for the next day. Society has us so occupied with climbing the socio-economic ladder, that we often forget the importance of making home a peaceful place. 


My career in retail spans over a 6 year period. I first started in the jewelry department at the Lord and Taylor flagship location in Manhattan. It was in this position that stopped being an order taker and became a purveyor, who assist clients with building their own iconic style. Like Jewelry, selecting the elements that make a space your home is an intimate experience but it should also be exciting. 

 Our home is a reflection of the choices we made in life and the details hold the memories of who we were when we made them. Today, I believe home should be one of the most beautiful things we experience. So, whether you like percale or sateen sheets here is to making your everyday beautiful.



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